Volunteer Experiences

Volunteer Experiences Dogs and Cats Shelter

“It was an enriching experience where I had met many lovely people from all over the world who were very passionate to make a difference to the dogs and cats there. The people at the centre were very friendly and I would love to go back to volunteer there again!”

Ling (25), Singapore

“What an experience! Together with other volunteers we worked hard. Awesome that this is possible. The main goal of the shelter is to sterilize and vaccinate dogs and cats on the island. The centre also treats neglected, abused and injured dogs and cats.  We mainly helped at the animal clinic; cleaning the kennels, preparing food and feeding the animals, walking the dogs, playing with the pups and cats and other activities. The perfect volunteer project!”

Anne (31) and Bart (34), Belgium




“It was a fantastic experience to volunteer at the dogs and cats shelter. I heard many sad stories. The shelter doesn’t receive government supoort and is therefore dependent on volunteers. It was nice to see so many people trying to help the shelter. I could only spend one month at the center, but some volunteers stayed for three months to take care of the animals! Very impressive. I am glad I had the opportunity to work together with all those nice and friendly people.”

Angela (61), the Netherlands



I really had a great time as volunteer at the dog and cats shelter. It was my first long trip, but with help of World Experience I was able to start my adventure well prepared. In the shelter I had the opportunity to learn a lot. Besides feeding, washing and taking care of the dogs and cats I also helped providing information to students at several schools. During my stay at the shelter there were volunteers from all over the world. Together we worked hard, but we also had a lot of fun.”

Marieke (21), the Netherlands



Volunteer Experiences Eduction – Teaching English in Thailand

“Volunteering as teacher English at a school in Thailand was one of the best experiences in my life. I always wanted to go to Asia to travel and volunteer and now I finally had the chance. Everyone at school was very nice and hospitable. The students were eager to learn and worked hard to improve their language skills. I was nice to be part of it. The other teacher took good care of me and often took me out for dinner. In the beginning I experienced a culture shock, but the wonderful people around me made me quickly forget this. It was an unforgettable experience and I recommend everyone to volunteer in Thailand.”

Hans (38), Belgium


“My experience with volunteering in Thailand was amazing! I only participated in the education project for 3 weeks, but the only thing I would like to do is to go back to Thailand to spend more time. My host family was perfect and it immediately felt like home. After volunteering I travelled in Thailand. I have met kind people, experienced nice events and festivals and taught English to Thai students.  I had a blast!”

Alice (19), the Netherlands




 “Actually it is kind of funny. After 19 years I have finally finished school and college, and then I voluntarily go back! Although, teaching in Thailand is a whole lot different than studying in the Netherlands. The time passed so quickly. After a while I got used to Thailand, the people, the school, the culture and waking up early. They took great care of me and I had a great time.”   

Monique (23), the Netherlands