Although volunteering financially yields nothing, it can yield a lot in other areas. With volunteering you can gain experience and, in addition, it can give you a lot of satisfaction. Because you are staying in another country for a longer period and close to the local population you get a very different view of life there. You get a much better picture of the people and their culture.

To participate in our projects above all, you need to be flexible and patient and open to new experiences. We are looking for people who like to put one’s shoulder to the wheel and like to help other people. You should easily adapt to the local situation and culture. In the countries of our projects the standard of living is lower than in your country and conditions of life can be very basic. Go with the flow!

World Experience receives no subsidy. This means that our activities should yield enough money to cover the costs. World Experience tries to keep the costs as low as possible, but some costs are inevitable. Think for example of the website, internet and phone use, printing, etc. All employees have, besides the work for World Experience, a paid job.

The costs you pay to World Experience are depending on the project you choose. The registration fee is used to arrange your volunteer work abroad. World Experience looks for a suitable project for you, taking into account your preferences. For most projects accommodation and meals are included.

You have to arrange and pay your own travel to your destination, insurances, visas and vaccinations. World Experience will gladly help you with the closing on a suitable insurance. We will also answer your questions about all others things you should arrange.

Minimum age for participation is 18 years. For some projects a higher minimum age applies. The minimum age is mentioned at the project information.

There is no maximum age for participation in a project. However, you do need a good health. Some projects require more physical activity than other projects. Also, keep in mind that the standard of living in the countries of our projects is lower than in your country and the conditions of life can be very basic.

Although it is rare, it can sometimes happen that the project of your choice is full at the time of your preference. Together, we can then look at a good alternative project or maybe you can adjust the period you would like to volunteer.

You can inform us on your preferred dates. We take the utmost account of these dates. After placement in a project, the dates are fixed. If you still want to change the data, then we can look at the possibilities in consultation. Some projects require a minimum time of stay.

Of course, it is possible to participate in multiple projects consecutively or in the same trip. We set the dates of the projects as convenient for you as possible.

Although this is possible, we advise to both participate in a separate project. If you take part alone it is easier to really experience the culture and local life. If you do want to participate in a project together please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

After registration you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Upon receipt of the reservation fee (calculated in the total price), we will look if your preferred project is available in the period of your preference. If your preferred project is not available in that period, then we look together to a good alternative. After placement in a project you will receive an invoice that you can pay via internet banking. Upon receipt of payment you will receive more information about the country and project of your choice and where to think of during your preparation. We can also help you with your preparation to your trip and volunteer work.

After registration and placement in a project, World Experience will send you more information on where to think of during the preparation. Amongst others: vaccinations, visa, what to take with you, practical matters in the country of your project, etc.